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I mean to get something like true love between 2 peoples, everybody of this relation has to see the other in his true self, not what their job is, their bodymass index is or what other things the other is related with. A kind of respect and accepting the true nature. But yeah, needs time to find out the true nature of another person and to love this kind of sould element of the other person… is another big thing 😀



I wished more couples talk more honest to eachother.
A lot of problems could be deleted, if everybody clears his needs.
Most of this needs hasnt to do with the relationship itself.
To get to know someones soul well and evolve this trust you talking about not have to need a lot of time, but mostly yes, it needs more than a ons 🙂


I mean, you said you really would like to see him. Because you talked over a long term. So find out if its more than writing and expect the best. Try to overcome your fear. Enjoy the time with him, cause your feelings lead you to him. If its just a ons, you have clearness and got a wonderful night. If not, you enjoy the encounter some more.

Your intention in acting is the key.
If you act in fear, you will not went to see him and waste your time. A waste, because you could already enjoy time with him and good feelings. A waste, because you are in a current state of uncertainty and block interesting encounters that could find you in this time.
If you act out of love and joy, you will earn good. clearness, adventure, good feelings and in the worst scenario insight what brings you nearer to your inner voice, what knows what is good for you.



It´s like the decision to be happy. it´s about a decision in realations to courage, to act out of love. I wish you get high feelings about that. well, nobody can give you really safety. thats something you have to give yourself.

I think after a person love hisself enough and esteem the time with hisself enough, it can start to see what other beeings trigger out of them.

Nobody will give me really safety, but there are persons who invest a lot on time and energy on you and that makes you feel more confident.

They invest in you time .. attention and then you feel more trust? Can you explain it nearer?

If someone spends a lot of time getting to knowing me, then I know that this person is attracted by me beyond my physical appearance and worth it.

Without the attitude from man to admit that, its hard, ye.

True that.



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